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Re:Turn 2 follows on from the events of the first game.

Re:Turn 2 is a tense, character-driven psychological horror experience. Saki and her fiancé, Sen, are trapped on an abandoned train that is haunted by an evil spirit that takes the form of a little girl named Ayumi. Battle your way through the haunted train. Discover clues in mysterious abandoned locations. Escape from the nightmare and free the trapped souls from the clutches of the evil which has possessed them.

But, consequences have actions. Saki must be careful, or she will meet a fate worse than the lost souls aboard Ayumi’s train. In order to stay safe, Saki must decide whether she should run, hide, or confront the evil that has set its sights upon her

The thing that calls itself Ayumi is harboring a dark secret. And it’s up to Saki to uncover the truth about that darkness. But Ayumi’s evil is powerful, and if it takes hold of Saki, then all hope is lost. Saki will need to use the tools she discovers along the way to battle this evil and reveal the true history of Ayumi’s wicked ways.

Re:turn 2 - Runaway is a tale of heart-breaking betrayal and horrifying evil.

* Intricate horror story

* Side-scrolling 2D with unique pixel art

* Original Art and Assets

* All-new soundtrack and sound design

* Supernatural elements

* New locations

* Hide to avoid detection and certain death

* Featuring vibrant, hand-illustrated in-game visuals and animations

* All-new game engine


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what engine did this game use?

Unity 3d Version 2020

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If my mental fortitude was any weaker I would have a nightmare because of the cover photo for this sequel in my feed but thats alright. That just means its gonna be a good horror game and I am in the need for something like this

Glad you liked the new cover image :D


Nice DEMO and great job. Hope you enjoy this video I made.

Loved the video. Thank you for sharing.



Thank you for sharing the video :D


I made a big dumb and played this before playing the first game but it's okay because I'm going to play the first game anyway :D. For those who would rather watch than play, you can check my experience out here: 

P.S. there's a bug(?) where if you keep talking to the tent that gives you a glass and lighter, it'll keep giving you glasses and lighters.

Thanks for making games!

Thank you for the video.


Definitely going to place this after beating the first one. Definitely, can't wait to try it.




Will the demo also be available for the Mobile platform?  I am very curious and anxious for the continuation


There will be no Demo for the Mobile platform but we plan on releasing the game on IOS.


hay i have to say this i have never added a game to my wichlist as fast as this was put on it i am not kiding as soon as i learned about it it was on my wichlist

Appreciate your support!


no thank you for the game


Can't wait! Will this one be on Switch, too?





YES so excited for this sequel. I played the original from beginning to end and so excited to play the full game when it comes out.

Thank you for your support. Please don't forget to wishlist the game on Steam 👻👻👻


No news about a DRM-free release of part 1?

No news yet but we're working on bringing the game soon to Itch.


are we starting on the same train we were on in the last game and geting on a new train or are we going to be on the same train doring this game like in the last one as the picks you have dont look like the train we were on bgefo

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The game will take a place on the old train and new locations like the lakeshore and the Shack house as well as the nightmare train which is a different version of the train with more creatures.


ok that is what i thow