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What an incredibly intriguing game! The art style is gorgeous and the game-play flows brilliantly. I truly enjoyed this small jaunt into the realm of ReTurn - One Way Trip - I hope you do too :D

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This is a great game !! It was fun to play ,easy to control , there were great scares and a great story line. the only flaw i seen was the  ( im assuming ) translations , But they're not horrible, you can understand what there saying and what they mean. Also the art styles are great too I mean the environments are just beautiful. So overall its an awesome game.

This game was a blast to play through.  I would really like to see the final product.  I wasn't expecting this demo to be as long as it was so that was pretty nice.  I made a 2 part play though of this game so I hope you enjoy.  Keep up the great work, I would love to see more work like this!

Thanks for your kind feedback, glad you enjoyed it ! 
Please look forward to our update :D

This game is amazing! I love the art style and the whole atmosphere it creates! The storyline was very intriguing and got me hooked on it. However, I don't know if anyone else experienced this glitch but sometimes when I would walk into rooms or out, the game would freeze on the image of where I was trying to leave. For example I tried entering a room but would still have the image of the room I was previously in. Also I played this on MacOs. Besides this glitch, I love this game and can't wait to see it completed! <3

(There's no sound)

Thanks for your kind feedback ! Glad you enjoyed it :D

And thanks for the report about the glitch, we will look into it. 

Wow. Just wow.

To the players:
The game itself is not scary and there are no jumpscares, but the atmosphere and story really make it creepy and disturbing! Something I prefer over cheap jumpscares most horror games do.
Although the game is only a demo so far, it will have you hooked instantly! The story and action starts really fast, so no endless time wasting on characters talking.
The puzzles in the game are pretty hard and the further you go, the darker the story gets.
If you're a fan of Asian horror, be sure to play this game, you won't regret it!

To the developer:
Thank you for creating this piece of art!
I absolutely loved every second of it. I'm not a big fan of puzzle games, as I'm very bad at them, but this game made me keep on trying cause I really wanted to solve the mystery!
Then I got to the end and ... I got even more questions!
I was really sad the demo ended, I can't wait to see more of this! I'll follow this and as soon as more content is released, I'll continue!
Will the game be free, if not, how much will it cost? And when do you think the complete game will be finished?

To finish my review, I made 4 videos on the game, as you already knew, thanks for watching by the way! I'd love to share them all here so others can watch them and hopefully give you and the game more attention, you really deserve it!

Thank you for your kind feedback, glad you enjoyed it  ! For now, we can't say anything yet about price and when the full version is released as we are still in development. Please do look out for new updates :)  

Always loved Pixel Style horror games, and this really kept me on my toes.

Thanks for releasing the demo, eagerly awaiting for the full release! :)

I really enjoyed playing this game :D
It had the right amount of tension and ambiance. 


I love this! In some regards it's pretty simple with respect to gameplay, most of it is storytelling, which is done really well (especially enjoy the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff!).

The item mixing and puzzles that are there are well made too though, and add that little extra challenge to proceedings. Looking great so far, keep up the awesome work! =)

Love this Game. I'm hooked. Love the art style, the story, puzzles and scares. I hope the next chapter will be out soon. I really want to finish Saki Story :)

Such a cute and genuinely creepy game!  I hopd your team completes this game in the future, I am DYING to see how this ends! ♡ ♡ ♡

Here's the rest of the series! I hope you enjoy this series as much as I did! :D

I love every element of this game.  It's  got great artwork, enticing music and, awesome gameplay. It just makes you want to play more and, more of it. This would be what pringles would be if it were a video game! You can't just have one you have to devour the whole thing!

That was pretty neat! I liked the ingame visuals and the character/gallery art were great. It was fun to play through and did leave me intrigued to see more. 

As others have said, the English could benefit from a little polish, never really encountered any issues understanding it but it was just a bit off sometimes. The only other issue that comes to mind for me was the four digit box code. On all the notes, the date is written in American English form (i.e. month, day) but the solution for the puzzle was the British English form (i.e. day, month). This confused me for a while.


Thanks for pointing out the American English and British English in the box code puzzle, the English definitely will have to be improved.  Appreciate your feedback :)

Hello! Are we allowed to record/stream any content of the game?

Hey vargonz! Sure, no problem :)

You are Awesome! Thank You!
p.s- is there a way we can directly communicate? my steam account is Vargonz/

I just got done playing the awesome game both on my Japanese channel and my English channel! I haven't finished it yet, but I will be finishing it up soon! Feel free to take a look.
Here are links to both versions!

Maybe I was just doing something wrong, but is there a bug in the save game screen? After I had saved 3 times, I went back to overwrite my older saves. It saved fine, but the time was always the same as the first time a game was saved in each slot (the snapshot of the screen updated fine). Unfortunately this means that when I went back to load a saved game, I had no clue which one was the newest. 

Hi Aceldemia, Unfortunately yes, there is a bug in the save system. It does overwrite the file but it does not update the time and date when the game is overwritten, sorry. We will be working on fixing this. Thanks for playing our game !

I really like this game, cute and creepy with a hint of puzzling.  I enjoyed the first part of the demo, and look forward to continuing to the rest of it.  The English dialogue is a little off, but not enough to take anything from it.  Can't wait for the full game!

Thanks for playing our game ! Yes, the dialogue is... still need a lot of improvement ><  but we hope you still enjoy the ride. 
Looking forward to your next part :D

The game is excellent and I'd like to help you spreading the word about it. Let's discuss it via email if you want. Mine is!

I played this game on my channel! I really enjoyed what y'all did here. Great atmosphere. The graphics are adorable! I look forward to playing the rest of it!! :D

Thank you for playing our game, please Feel free to give us any feedback. hope you enjoy it :D

Where do I even begin with this's beautiful, and simply fantastic. Right away I could sense the love and passion that's been put into this game, the areas of the game look fantastic, and the music used it suites the style well. 

The atmosphere is set up perfectly here, right off the bat you feel a sense of unease being in a forest at night, however you're accompanied by your friends but that comfort is quickly stripped away from you as you have to venture out into the forest in search of your companions. The forest is mysterious, dark and creepy but the real show happens once you make it to the train. The train cars are beautifully detailed inside and give you a sense of dread as you explore and uncover the mysteries that surround it.

The game has a great cast of characters that you slowly get to know over the course of the game, mostly through notes and drawings but sometimes through really old flashbacks that set the tone for the world that's being built up.

Despite only being a demo, I can tell that this game is going to be fantastic once complete. I hope you don't mind but I've started a let's play series of the game's demo on my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you.


Thanks a lot for your kind word, please do look forward to the updates  :) no problem on let's play series, actually we have to thank YOU for helping us sharing the game


I wonder when the full game will be released? :)

Sorry we can't promise any date yet, but will be sure to announce any update :)

Thank you for the response! i look forward to purchasing the full game :)

Very nice :) :D

Thanks :D 

I liked the game and the art is amazing, still, I found some issues at least for me.

Some puzzles don't make sense like the one you give the cuckoo to the grave and receive a rose instead, I mean, there's nothing supernatural that shows up, the grave just spits a rose when you give a cuckoo, it broke the mood a little.

Another thing is when the character for the first time sees the past, it's like nothing strange is happening, she's used to this type of thing. She never shows fear or curiosity, It just happens like everything else in life.

In the end, for some reason, even never letting go the key to move left I got a game over screen and when the demo reaches the conclusion It just cut to the start screen, It was so sudden I didn't realize the demo was ended and It was not a bug.

Maybe it's that I usually overthink about stuff...

I really liked the game, looking forward to the full version

Hey Zmads,

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback, we really appreciate it. It's precisely these kind of feedback that we are looking for to improve the game,  feel free to comment if you have more. Please look forward to the update :)

Wow, this is my kind of game! I absolutely dig the pixel graphics and the horror element is awesome! It's a fairly straight forward game with some puzzle solving. I can't wait to find out why is Yuuta doing in the bathroom!

I tried the game for a bit, and wow~ This game has a lot of charm and I can see the hard work put into it. 

One of my first impressions is that it certainly looks and feels amazing. The beginning section has an atmosphere that reminds me of Yomawari Night Alone due to the focus on ambient sound and the map details. 

Small things I must point out at this point though would simply be the grammar and awkward dialogue since it doesn't always flow naturally.

Anyway, good job on the game~ ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

:D The girl with the lovely voice is on :D

This was absolutely the most beautiful horror game in my opinion. In general i'm not a big fan of horror games but i have to say, you've won my heart with this one, enev toh there were some "bugs",

and thigs i'd remove. For example i don't know if the save game was glitched out or did you intend it to be only 3 save slots? At some parts the character is saying their text twice - not a big deal i'm just pointing it out.

But besides these little bugs and few grammatical errors the game was unbelivable imo. 
I can't wait for the game to be fully released. 

I saw your comment guys on my channel, but than your channel disappeared i hope everything is okay there) and thank you i'm really appreciate)

Hello everyone) this is just an hilarious game thank to the creator, i thank during the gameplay a lot but once again,  and i hope that u will enjoy a funny quality gameplay and i hope that you will help me with some advice i will admit any help im new here))

Hey there, I was able to complete the game and I found the ending to be very unexpected.  I also found a critical bug at the end of the video which was pretty hilarious but I love the game and look forward to the full release.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

I don't know what's with me and this type of games, but it seems that I can never get enough of them. I just started it, but maaaaaan does it look and sound gorgeous :D
Please tell me it will be completed soon~

*Rurr!* I had to amke a very fancy thumbnail for this occasion, an interestingly different game compared to the normal uploads - been enjoying it, although the complaints I've had throughout my current walkthrough are the typos and grammar errors and a few other gameplay-related tidbits I give during commentary, hope everyone enjoys this game :p

Well done people! I enjoyed the experience, it's charming, creepy and intriguing in a very interesting setting, really worth to play! Also I like the fact that you put your hand-drawn notes rather than just plain papers, these little details make the difference with other similar games!

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for the full release, I'd be glad to play more :D cheers!

I really enjoyed this demo! It's incredibly lengthy for what it has to offer so far. I don't play very many 2D horror games, but I personally can't imagine any other games of that style to be as good as this. Is the full game going to cost money? I wouldn't mind paying for it. I would absolute LOVE to finish this.

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