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Re:Turn – One Way Trip a 2D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure horror game. It tells the tale of five college friends went on a camping trip the summer after graduation. About to face adulthood, responsibility and the real world, this might be their last chance to hang together. Little did they suspect how horrifyingly true that might be.

When Saki wakes in the middle of the night, she finds their campsite deserted. Her fiancé and the rest of her friends are gone.  Lured by a shadow she thinks might one of them, Saki plunges deeper into the surrounding forest. In a clearing, she stumbles upon an abandoned train, standing silent, as if waiting for its final passenger to board.

As Saki searches the train for her friends, the barrier between the past and the present starts to dissolve. Saki soon finds herself facing otherworldly horrors as she begins to learn the truth about the train’s ghostly inhabitants.   Re:Turn—One Way Trip is a tale of unrequited love—and unrelenting terror!

Find Saki’s friends and uncover the past story behind the train. 

Saki must solves puzzles to navigate through the train and unravel its tragic origins.

Finding herself traveling between the present and the past, Saki unravels interwoven stories of love, loss and betrayal. 

Can Saki save her friends while facing lingering terrors? Can she change the fate of the train’s doomed inhabitants… or was her own fate sealed the moment she climbed aboard?

Re:Turn - One Way Trip is a blend of several different video game genres, most notably point-and-click adventure horrors and visual novels. The gameplay is simple but effective: you move left and right, collect items and solve puzzles to progress through the engaging story.

  • Intricate horror story
  • 2 Playable Characters
  • Side-scrolling 2D with unique pixel art
  • Original Art and Assets
  • Carefully composed music specifically for each situation of the game
  • Original Sound Track
  • Minimalist interface so your focus never wavers from the experience
  • Supernatural elements
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Past & Present world immersive storytelling

The artwork in Re:Turn - One Way Trip implements a refined, hand-drawn pixel art style. A lot of work was put into the design of the environments and characters. The graphics are effective and refined, and our attention to detail has given Re:Turn One Way Trip its unique art style.

Re:Turn - One Way Trip is coming first to Windows PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.

PS4 and Xbox One are also planned a few months later than the PC & Nintendo Switch versions.

Questions about the game? Feel free to get in touch with: Thomas Thamer, Director of Re:Turn



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[MAC] ReTurn - One Way Trip (BETA).zip 90 MB

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i simply cannot wait for the full game

me to


This game is amazing

Never remembered to ask, but, is this going to be paid or free? Maybe that's a stupid question, but it might affect when I end up playing it, so I thought I'd ask.

It's going to be paid. What you played is just the demo, and soon we will announce the final release date for the game as well as the new demo xD

how much will it cost


i am so looking fored to this being finishe

(2 edits)

im stuck i get past the big monster chasing me thin i see my frind is dead a gost comes over and im sent to the main minu am i missing somethin

That's the end of the demo story wise but check your gallery for a ? square if you have one then: Second train cart, door 6, back room. Try some stuff.


well thin it is a lot of fun


and win the game is done im going to play it in a dark room with my headphones

Oh yeah that's the best.


This game was fun, but i would like to know what happened to the other three, I know one was hung, but, I really wanna know about the other two, maybe another game?


This game is amazing! I'm addicted . The gameplay is smooth and the storyline has me hooked. I'll leave Part 1 of my playthrough below if you're interested in watching.


Excited to see more :)


This game is so awesome, and the art style is so good, can't wait for the whole thing!


is the game complite? cause i played it and only got one ending and it seems like its still wip

No. this is just a demo. The full release is in Q1 2020.


what dose Q1 mean


Q1 2020 -- January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020




honestly one of the best games i've played, story, sounds, art are all amazing 


I completed the game!!!1 good job guys! this is part 2!

Great video! Thank you for playing and streaming our game. 

I have completed the demo and have enjoyed it.

I can't wait for the full version.


Does anyone know how to save in this game?

Go to a candle and a GUI will appear.

Then press whatever key it tells you to.




Well.well, this is my part 1 of this amazing game!! Goooddddd job red ego!!  

Great video! Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much guys! be sure i will continue this amazing game!


This game was really neat! The art is fantastic and the atmosphere is significantly creepy. It has a lot of neat imagery that I won't spoil, and was all around a really fun experience. Can't wait to see more!


Glad you liked it.


OMG! I can't believe I am barely seeing this update!! I You will definetely hear from me again!


i finaly completed the game!!!!!

How you save your game???


for me the is not saving , someone having this problem


Yeah, I can't re-write the saves


the only thing im unhappy with, is the music is copyrighted


When's the full game going to be released?! I really don't understand what you meant by Q3 2019...

We are going to announce interesting things soon. Stay tuned! 

Q3 means the third quarter of the year. The release would be probably between july and september of 2019.


Our plan is to release it around November or early December. 

question, is there a ending or am i just really dumb?,

-spoiler ahead-

i just go the family emblem thing and i have no idea what to do next, what is the ring box code?

1803 In case you didn't get it yet -_-

I really enjoyed this!!! I can't tell you how much fun I had playing it. I'll be honest, I didn't know a 2D game would have me on the edge of my seat like this. Great work on this, really my dude, I mean it. 

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3

Great video JT. Love your energy and thank you for playing our demo.

No problem guys, This was the first PC game I've tried and loved every bit of it. I don't know if I was supposed to die at the end or not, but she wasn't running fast enough. Still though, great game guys. Definitely would get it on console.

It's definitely coming to consoles. We are going to announce interesting things soon.

I loved this, can't wait for more!

It's sad that you can't rewrite the save slots :( 

I was able to just fine?

part one dropped today

Just started her up! Definitely interesting, love the art style!

can't wait for the full game release I really appreciate this kind of game keep on the good work

I have been playing this for a little bit now and I can already tell I am going to enjoy this game immensely when it is finished. I love games like this and the story behind what happend well the story going on in the current is amazing. Ran into the tending son as my first death.  I can't wait to see more.  

Thank you for playing our game. We really appreciate that.
The complete, terrifying adventure arrives soon!!
You can also follow us on Twitter @re_turn_game  for the latest updates.

I love this game. I'm impressed by the art style, the story and puzzles. I hope the next chapter will be out soon. I really want to finish Saki Story!

Hey Blaky051,
Thank you for playing our game. We really appreciate that.
The complete, terrifying adventure arrives soon!!
You can also follow us on Twitter @re_turn_game  for the latest updates.

Looks like a fun game. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

Looks great.

Re:Turn - One Way Trip is currently in development and expected to be released in Q2 2019. More info will be announced later.

This is awesome! I hope the full ver will release soon ^^

Loved the demo. Good job!

It took me forever to figure out the ring box. Really hoping this eventually gets a full release.

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